Dr Sridevi Sira Mahalingappa

Dr Sira Mahalingappa has been working in Psychiatry since 2002 and as a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist since 2012. She is passionate about Liaison psychiatry and about medical education.

She has extensive experience in the delivery and development of training modules, designing curricula, designing, conducting, and quality assuring both formative as well as summative assessments, and in developing training for fellow educators.

As a Secretary of a charity Association of University Teachers of Psychiatry she has organised successful conferences, webinars to share innovations in UG teaching and to promote student well-being.

She is also passionate about increasing awareness about mental health issues in doctors and students. She has done sessions on stress management and also taken active part to run Dr1in4, which is a seminar series where Doctors share their lived experience of mental illness with medical students and trainees.  

She is one of the Co-founders of Diya Mental Health COVID-19 Support Network, which is a voluntary effort to provide free support for grief, loss, and emotional distress after bereavement as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

She has been nominated as 1 of 25 unsung heroes at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Women’s Specialist Interest group.



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