Dr Sivaraj Rajadorai
Palliative Medicine Physician

Dr Sivaraj Rajadorai is a Palliative Medicine Physician with an interest in the field of cancer andpalliative pain. Complementing his extensive medical experience in Australia is previous clinicalexperience in the UK and Singapore. He currently holds a staff specialist position with Calvary HealthACT and is the Clinical Lead for Cancer Pain at the ACT Pain Centre.
He is a Palliative Care Guidelines co-author for Health Pathways ACT & NSW, and is involved witheducation at the ANU Medical School. In 2019 he joined the ANU Medical School Student WelfareCommittee as a member. He also plays a prominent role in physician training and has been on theRACP Examination Committee at Calvary Public
Hospital, Bruce over the last 2 years.

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