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COVID-19 and its global impacts has significantly limited opportunities for classroom-style teaching and learning in 2020. However, I was very fortunate in being involved with the weekly exam preparation sessions arranged by a group of Basic Physician Trainees (BPTs) based in Sydney. Though early-morning Zoom calls every Saturday meant Friday nights tended to be uneventful, it was a wonderful opportunity to revise medicine. At some point during these ongoing sessions, I began to think about creating what would eventually become MCQs4BPTs. As I began discussing the thought with colleagues, I was once again fortunate in finding our group of contributors. They not only helped by providing critical practical contributions to the project, but they also helped strengthen my belief in the importance and viability of MCQs4BPTs. Some of these people I have known for over a decade, and some I have seen grow blossom from their early days as interns into exceedingly capable doctors.

Important Dates

Week 1 mcqs released on 9th Aug 2021.
Weekly mcqs released every Monday.

1st online class
Week 1

1st Mock Test – 3rd Oct 9:00am
2nd Mock Test –
17th Oct 9:00am

How we do this?

  • Access to 14 MCQs weekly with answers explained
  • Multiple live and interactive lecture sessions. These sessions will be recorded and uploaded for you to view at your convenience
  • Multiple short recorded tutorials discussing high yield topics and difficult MCQs
  • 2 Mock tests of 70 and 100 MCQs each
  • Late registrants will have access to the complete 20 weeks program

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